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What better gift to give your employees than a programme that helps their children get more future-ready?
You appreciate that today’s children and young adults will need more than academics to get ahead at work and in life.
Let the children of your employees get the TalentEase HeadStart advantage.
We have different formats but the one ideally suited for you to host would be :

TalentEase HeadStart IGNITE programme (The 4C-4R model)

Competence, Character and Conviction build effective leadership
We have identified the 4Cs and 4Rs that can lend support to these three pillars

  • The HeadStart 4C-4R model is run as an 8 Session programme; run with 1 session a week over 8 weeks or on 8 continuous days (usually consecutive days in a vacation period/Summer Camp)
  • Each session is for 2.5 hours
  • Run during the school year at schools and public venues like corporate conference facilities/gated community centres.

You could also contact us to Customize a programme that includes multiple sets of activities.

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