Monthly Archives: November 2011

One part is straining at the leash; the other part is the leash!

Greetings from Hyderabad!

Just completed the first month of my ‘second life’. In case I did not reach out to let you know – I finally decided to make the leap to do something on my own. I quit Accenture last month and have relocated to Hyderabad, India.

Scary but exciting!

Still dealing with the ‘phantom limb’ phenomenon of experiencing sensation in my ‘employment’ limb that is not there! Did wake up the first few mornings with my mind trying to figure the schedule around the day’s conference calls, my ears still ring with the Meeting Place Conference call tune and I still say ‘we’ when I talk of my last employer.

Trust all well with you. Thank you for the association with you that was part of my ‘first life’ journey. Looking forward to carrying it through into the ‘second life’ one.

Getting used to life back in India. Still trying determinedly to stay stopped at the traffic red light, while the horns behind are blaring for me to get out of the way. Re-learning the art of crossing the road in the middle of speeding traffic (I did my first leap over the road divider rail since I’ve been back.) If Singapore was gentle, disciplined canoeing; India is wild, wild water rafting at its scary best. And I’m thoroughly wet and enjoying it.

One of the joys of India is having the best of many worlds. At my apartment complex – last week we enjoyed the din of Diwali crackers after many years and then yesterday watched bemused as hordes of children marched in the Halloween parade. “Trick or treat” in Hyderabad – no surprises there!

In terms of my ‘second life’ updates. I have started initial work on my twin passions- rural education and flexible talent. Along with Pradeep Anthony, my college friend and now business partner, have signed up and begun work on our first school consulting project.Part of our homework tour towards Project Light Lives – where God willing we should have a mechanism of working with village schools and institutes.You can expect invites to teach Physics or Maths or whatever subject you are passionate about at a lovely Indian village school and take that much needed mobile phone break!

We have also been piling up the miles driving to a few rural schools and universities. At one village school about 200 kms outside Chennai we were delighted to hear 5 year old Robin recite nursery rhymes in English ! Excited and delighted with the opportunity to learn. At another rural town further away, an entrepreneur setting up a rural university shares his frustration at having to make pay-offs to politicians just to get the necessary approvals to start. Even driving to the villages is a combo experience – miles of excellent highway and then suddenly dirt tracks that would test the moon rover. Visiting India in the villages reinforces for me the paradox of my country – one part is straining at the leash, the other part is the leash!!

On Project 2 – flexible talent – we have got our company incorporated- TalentEase. So don’t think a mail from is spam. And now busy working on our website.

So chugging along and enjoying the buzz of starting something meaningful up. Thank you for your support and friendship. Do keep us in your prayers.

God bless.

Warm Regards,