Light Lives

Light Lives 3Light Lives is TalentEase’s investment in the community to create a WIN-WIN innovation that

  • Provides the next-level learning and development experience for corporate employees, university interns and school students
  • Provides rural schools with qualified and passionate Facilitators to engage with students and teachers to improve the quality of education that rural students receive

India lives in its villages – all 651,000 of them – and young India lives in the schools of rural India. India’s challenge and opportunity lies in these schools. LightLives promises to harness both.

Light Lives 1

We call it Light Lives because to incoming Facilitators it provides a UNIQUE and POWERFUL learning and development opportunity. It takes learning and development out of the boring confines of conference rooms and classrooms into the real life immersive experience that working in a rural school provides. So, through decisive social impact, it lights up the lives of incoming Facilitators. In effect, it is social entrepreneurship with tangible and visible results.

To children in rural schools, Light Lives gives them the opportunity to interact and learn from people with different perspectives and knowledge and who are passionate about making a difference. Teachers at these schools also benefit from the experiences that the Facilitators bring. So it also lights up the lives of the children in rural schools.

Light Lives 2

How can you be part of Light Lives?

For Corporates 

Have your employees embark on the ‘net-gen’ learning experience by teaching at a rural school in India. TalentEase works with host schools that will welcome these your employees at their schools for stints varying from 2 weeks to 6 months or beyond.

For Interns at University and for Schools

TalentEase provides university students and school children from outside India the chance to experience India, contribute through meaningful projects in schools that need help and at the same time discover themselves.

Our partner in the UK

The Diversity & Innovation Company

The Diversity & Innovation Company ( was founded by David Evans – a former Partner/Managing Director with Accenture UK who is passionate about creating a diverse and innovation-rich experience for employees and young people.

To contact us for a life-changing LightLives experience mail us at with ‘Light Lives’ in the Subject line.

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