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Children are TOP PRIORITY for your residents and members.

What can you do to give their children a lifelong advantage? Give them the benefit of a programme that complements the hours they spend at school with a future-ready course that they can attend in the convenience and safety of your community or club.

It is a power-packed programme which readies them for after-school life.

We have different formats of programmes

TalentEase HeadStart LEAD Programme – Leadership Experience And Development programme


  • Run as an continuous follow-the-child programme
  • Through the school year, once a week sessions– 24 units
  • The child progresses through increasing levels from year to year
  • Sessions are planned to avoid exam periods, school holidays and any other key school events.
  • 1.5 hour session per week.
  • As the child graduates through each level they are introduced to more advanced concepts in each ‘subject’ and get the opportunity to practice on projects.


TalentEase HeadStart IGNITE The 4C-4R model

Competence, Character and Conviction build effective leadership
We have identified the 4Cs and 4Rs that can lend support to these three pillars


  • The HeadStart 4C-4R model is run as an 8 Session programme; run with 1 session a week over 8 weeks
    or on 8 continuous days (usually consecutive days in a vacation period/Summer Camp)
  • Each session is for 2.5 hours
  • Run during the school year at schools and public venues like corporate conference facilities/gated community centres.
  • This can be run during the school year or during a holiday season in your community/club. Safe. Convenient. Effective and Useful.


Contact Us for a meeting so we can explore how our programmes can benefit the children and young adults at your community.


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