The TalentEase HeadStart LEAD Programme

Leadership Experience And Development


HeadStart LEAD is a continuous development programme providing ongoing inputs on self-leadership, making the right choices, effective communication, people skills, achievement approaches and skills, creativity and problem solving, future-ready tools and challenge activities. When conducted at a school, it is typically conducted through the different school terms, integrated with the curriculum and school time table. This runs as 45-minute (for the younger children) or 1.5 hour sessions (for the older children) conducted once a week, generally over 20-24 weeks. It is also run at public venues as a continuous development programme. Check out at Upcoming Courses.

Currently we have opened India’s FIRST YLG at Chennai. We will keep you posted as more open.

TalentEase Young Leader Gym
44 , Harrington Road, 5th Avenue
Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031
Tel: +91 98843 90542

Call Us:
+91 99629 93048 (Chennai)
+91 95539 37395 (Hyderabad)
+ 91 93422 50524 (Bangalore)


Mail us to find out details about the LEAD course and the YLG membership programme

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