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Can you solve this problem?

Your family is driving to a resort for a holiday. Late in the night while you are on a lonely highway, the car has a flat tyre. While Dad is changing the tyres the 4 wheel bolts from the flat tyre roll off and fall into a drain. There’s no way you can get back the bolts. There are no other cars passing at that time. How do you folks find your way to the next service station/repair shop. ( Source: Adapted from an original Readers Digest brain teaser)

What about this one ?

You have a choice:

  • A) Get Rs.100,000 ( Rs. One lakh ) as a lump sum amount on the spot, or
  • B) Start with Re.1, and double it every succeeding day over the next 30 days Would you choose A or B ?

Mail us your answers?

Record a 2 minute talk on any of the two topics that follow. Get your parent’s permission to use the webcam on a computer at home or use your mobile phone to video record your talk, your mime or your art work explanation. Then mail us the video file. ( mp4 format).There are attractive prizes to be won for the entries that stand out for their content, creativity and communication skill.

  • If I was the Prime Minister of India what would I do?
  • My leadership role model and why?

Send your mail to info@TalentEase.com with the subject My Leadership video-School. Include your name, age, school and class and your parent’s name, contact phone number and email details. There is no entry fee.

These are examples of your leadership skills and values . How do you keep discovering the leadership skills you have and don’t have? How do you develop and grow them?


How would you like to be a leader?

There’s something cool and special about leaders. Others look up to them. They make a difference. They are unique. They are a special breed.
The good news is that leaders are not born they are made. So you can be a leader by learning and practicing leadership skills and values that will give you the advantage today and tomorrow.
No textbooks. No class lectures. You can now learn these skills the TalentEase way. That’s fun, engaging, interactive and effective!
TalentEase has designed programmes especially for you. Movie Clips . Games . Activities . Group work. Video inputs. All created to help you discover and develop your leadership.

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