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Evelyn Mascurine, Retired Primary School Teacher at Holy Name High School, Mumbai

1. Key challenges that students face

In schools in India, I would say the most significant challenges that students face are communication and language issues, social distinctions (based on community, religion and income levels), as well bullying.

2. The most important qualities a teacher needs in abundance

The way I see it, the most important quality a teacher needs is to be an...


Claire Brooks - Learning Intervention Program Coordinator, St. Christopher's Primary School, Holsworthy, NSW, Australia

1. As a teacher involved with learning intervention programs to support children with learning difficulties, what do you see as the most significant challenges that these students face?

Children with learning difficulties ALL differ. However, a common area of difficulty is the development of phonemic awareness skills. Phonemic awareness is the understanding that spoken words and syllables are themselves...


In Conversation with Mrs. Ranjini Matthew, former Principal – Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai

1. What is missing in the ‘education picture’ today?

The ‘guru-shishya’ relationship of old is missing. The personal touch and equation that teacher and student shared has changed a lot. Also the focus of most syllabi is on academic inputs. Value inputs are missing and there is no encouragement of creative...

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