The Nirbhaya Pledge

I promise never to abuse, hit, isolate, insult, tease, or treat in an inferior way any female member of my family, my friends or society. I will never excuse or be silent about violence against women and girls when I see it or hear about it from relatives and friends.

I promise to share household tasks and care-giving in the family, so that women and girls of the family can avail of the same opportunities I have for self-growth, education and careers.

I promise to treat my sisters and female friends as my equals. When I do become a parent I will welcome and nurture my daughters and give equal benefits to my sons and daughters alike including family property.

I promise never to ask for dowry nor give it, and to make it be known in my family and friend circles that giving or taking dowry is wrong and a crime.

I promise never to employ minor girls as house workers, and to treat justly and with respect any women domestic workers to home or school.

This is my pledge. This is my commitment.

Modified to be taken by children from a pledge crafted by Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Ph.D ( Medicine), Head, Tissue Bank, Tata Memorial Centre who is also the Founder Member of Satyashodak, a Mumbai based feminist collective.