What do parents say about TalentEase programmes

“It is by word of mouth that I put my son- U.NIKHILL KARTHIK in DB-HEAD START this summer and what a summer it’s been for him! He was reluctant to join first and was mumbling away... but DAY 1 was a real head start! He was hooked...! Every day he describes his day with Talent Ease team,,,

KUDOS to the team for making it very interesting... I do teach... hence I know how difficult it is to hold student's attention, especially kids...!
The values imparted are priceless... Thank you once again.”

-Dr.Nagalakshmi- Parent of a HeadStart Young Leader

“A big Thank you to the TalentEase team for conducting such an interesting programme at Don Bosco. My son looks forward to the Saturday sessions and gives me a regular feedback of the same.”
-Reena Gupta, Parent of a HeadStart Young Leader

“We were always looking forward to the next session. The HeadStart programme is useful for my child because she got a chance to open up. We need more workshops like this.”
-Mrs Mamta Sharma (m/o Khushi & Harsh Sharma and a teacher @Global Edge School)

“What I wanted to give my child behaviourally is becoming possible now through TalentEase as it targets beliefs. I would like my child to go through the HeadStart programme till she finishes school.”
-Mrs Sirisha (m/o Shrimaanya, Roots The Global Edge School)

“We liked the HeadStart programme because the values emphasised at each session are really required in today’s world. It was an eye opener for the children and it is great to see them applying it on a day to day basis.”
Mrs Shoba Srinivasan (m/o Sridhar,Srivats & Shreyas The Global Edge School)

“I personally believe this HeadStart Programme is useful for my child because its going to help my son face the world with the right attitude , values, confidence and compassion. It is very important to inculcate these values in our children because they inevitably seem to get neglected in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. I would love to send Saad for more levels of the program. A big thank you to Mr Leo Fernandez and his team for providing such an unique and invaluable learning opportunity to all our children.”
-Mrs Humaira (m/o Saad The Global Edge School)

“The HeadStart programme was a breath of fresh air, something different and exciting for the participants. I personally believe this HeadStart programme is useful for my child because it brings out the hidden talent in her and has given her the opportunity to learn values and beliefs that will help her in the future.”
-Mr Clayton Moses (f/o Rachael Winonna Moses The Global Edge School)

“I believe the children need a HeadStart into the future. TalentEase team - Keep up the good work! Try to have these sessions as a part of the curriculum - a mandatory think. If a few can change so much imagine what all can do.”
-Mr Sanjay Mall (f/o Sanya Mall The Global Edge School)

“At HeadStart the child could be herself/himself without any prejudices. The children were able to learn about developing Leadership qualities and other life skills in a fun way and most importantly by being themselves.”
-Mrs Dibyajyoti (m/o Korneeka and Krishi Saikia The Global Edge School)

“My children enjoyed each and every session. I felt the HeadStart programme built up their confidence.”
-Mrs Manju Agarwal (m/o Ananya & Muskan Agarwal The Global Edge School)

“I would like to thank the TalentEase team for creating such nice sessions. I would like to know about further HeadStart sessions where i can make my children “ more perfect”. Thank you so much.”
-Mrs Karuna Cheruvu (m/o Madhusree and Manusree Cheruvu The Global Edge School)

“It created interest in him, started spending in fact reduced time spent on time pass activity.”
-Mrs. Vidhya Mascarenhas ( m/o Reeve Mascarenhas - St.Bedes School)

“I am very happy to see his interest to attend this class. He was very comfortable to attend this class to know something new and share with us. Thanks a lot ,I have seen the improvement in this last 6 months. He could not have confidence to manage time early, now he can manage the time to complete his work.”
-Mr.Alphonse Raj ( F/o AllairJoshua- St.Bedes School)

What do children and young adults say about TalentEase programmes?

“This programme is the BEST PROGRAMME!”
-Dheeraj Venkatesh, Class V A, The Global Edge School, Hyderabad

“I think this program should reach out to school children all over India”
-C.S. Dharani, Std VII

“I would spread Talentease’s message to my friends.”
-Diva Ravikiran.K, Class VI D, The Global Edge School, Hyderabad

"I want each day in school to be like this!"
-U Pranav, Std VIII

“All the skills and values were very good and useful. It’s not boring. It is activity based and really cool and amazing and I would like the Headstart programme to continue”
-Kaka Adeen Nisar, 9 std

“I love HeadStart. I wish it would go on for the whole year. I really like the way the Facilitators speak. They have a lot of clarity while speaking and they actually say things we can relate to.”
-Raina Miriam Jose, Class XI, Good Shepherd School, Chennai

“This programme changed me. All my bad and rude habits were going away slowly. I became a better person. TalentEase teaches us values that impact everyday life. My biggest learning has been that the world doesn’t revolve around us. You’ve got to adjust, sacrifice, be kind, and accommodate others. There are people around us who have feelings too”
-Andria Mathew, Class IX, Good Shepherd School, Chennai

“I have improved a lot and I just love this programme. Every day at my school or at home, I will be waiting for Saturday (when the HeadStart session is run) to come. I am sure that me being in this programme will make me achieve a great thing in my life”
-Rachel Melissa Andrews, Std VII, Good Shepherd School, Chennai

“This programme is very nice and like to come here rather than wasting time on TV Or games”
-Buarhnuddin Y Lodger, 7 std

What do teachers and customers say about TalentEase programmes?

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the yeoman service you are doing towards empowering teachers to become change makers through self-realization. The workshop conducted by TalentEase for my teachers at the start of this academic year was a one-of-a-kind and an inimitable learning experience, which the teachers thoroughly enjoyed. I wish TalentEase the very best in all such endeavors.”
-Indira Kumar, Principal, Don Bosco School of Excellence, Egmore

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