The WHY of TalentEase

“The Child is father of the Man”.
- William Wordsworth

“We believe the seed for good talent is sown right at the beginning-in the schooling system. Here we need a focus not just on academics but on truly ‘educating’ a child. This prepares her for value-based leadership“

Why TalentEase?

The school helps develop talent in the child, to some extent. But it is mostly confined to academics. That does not prepare the child for real life. That is where we come in. We supplement school-inputs to give the child a strong personality. Skills and values, that make the big difference, are added to the child. She is given the success toolkit for life. As someone put it, at first we form our habits, then our habits form us. At TalentEase we spend time with children and young adults building habits that will form them into better people.

We work with schools and colleges, children, parents, alumni and educationists to further these goals.

One of the big challenges with our education system is the lack of focus on “employability skills” and “entrepreneurial skills”. Our focus is on trying to plug this gap. For children and young adults keen on an employment career path, we help them become not just employees, but value-based innovative leaders. For those keen on the entrepreneurship path, we help them become passionate and creative entrepreneurs.


Other than skills we also believe that education includes a focus on ‘values’. The one person who drives past a red light today did not imbibe the value of responsibility and concern for others, as a child. It is also true of the ‘schooled’ person, who jumps a queue, litters the surrounding, pays a bribe, and disrespects women. Somehow the ‘value’ input went missing.

TalentEase is working with today’s young people to change that.

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