Get, Set, Go on Creativity

About The Program

Toddlers are always curious, they ask a lot of questions and never run out of creative ways to play or be engaged. As we grow up we become rigid and fail to see the beauty around us. Creativity lies in the perspective of each individual. All we need to do is to look at things in different ways.

This course is designed to get you started on creativity.  You will understand that creativity is no magic pill, it takes time and effort. Also, you will learn that thinking in a creative way helps us to take a different approach to life’s problems. 

There are activities which will inspire you to make something creative. With a lot of examples and activities, we are sure you will be proud of your own creative skills by the end of this course.  



Who can enroll

Age 10 and above

No. of sessions

2 sessions

Course duration

2 hours

Batch size

Upto 6

TalentEase Certified Facilitator

This live course is brought to you by a TalentEase Certified Facilitator. Our certified facilitators undergo a comprehensive training program and each has since delivered 500+ sessions for 5000+ students.

Every facilitator follows a proven, structured delivery model designed by TalentEase, that ensures a fun, engaging and enriching experience for every child.

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