Managing During a Downturn: Surviving Covid – Get the Power of a Life Coach behind you.

About The Workshop

Our workshops are action oriented with clear cut objectives for participants.

MentorSpace workshop on Managing During a Downturn: Surviving Covid is going to be a 2 hour workshop spread over 2 sessions addressing the most important aspects and effects of the downturn of the Economy and how to stay afloat.

Who can enroll

College Students and Working Professionals

Workshop duration

2 hours over 2 sessions sessions

Batch size

1 participant

Jill Majeski

Jill is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with 5+ years of full-time coaching experience. Her unique style and supportive spirit guides clients into mobilizing their personal power and deriving intrinsic motivation from the inside-out via self-awareness. She has over 20+ years of professional experience as a project engineer, educator and educational leader. Initially starting a career as a chemical engineer, she quickly transitioned into a 15yr career of Science education for students 11-18yrs, where she brought her creative and analytical skills into the classroom and community. Her style of coaching incorporates aspects of mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and somatic-based working with the Bodymind. Jill private coaching practice focuses on 1:1 client sessions where the focus is to build a strong relationship with self so we feel connected and resourceful in life no matter the circumstances. Jill’s clients have shared how they feel safe and empowered with her such and through coaching have discovered what is ‘right for them’. She supports clients to uncover their own inner compass for guidance as an inner intelligence grows. Clients build their muscle(s) of courage, which naturally leads to renewed self-awareness and confidence.

Key Takeaways

Session 1

  • Understanding your ‘yourself’ and your ‘time’
  • Problems at workplace and at home

Session 2

  • How to keep a Positive mindset
  • Be prepared for work and life post Covid

How to make the most of this workshop

Come prepared – To have a great mentoring session, come prepared with the specific areas where you would require inputs.

Value the mentor and co-mentees’ time – Since this is a group mentoring session respect the time of mentor and other mentees; the same way you would expect your time to be respected.

Be open to feedback – The key objective of this mentoring session is a better YOU!

Take a follow on session – To transform yourself and reach your goals, multiple sessions might be required. If you feel this session was useful, try a more intense 1-on-1 session with the mentor.

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