Speak with your hands-Sign Language

About The Program

How about communicating a message without even uttering a word? Convey messages through signs, expressions and gestures. Have fun by decoding hand signs and facial expressions.  

₹ 699 per session

Who can enroll

Age 10+

Batch size

This is a 1:1 course

Biju Lawrence

Biju Lawrence started learning sign language out of curiosity as communicating through signs and hands felt like a secret language only a very few knew. He developed his sign language skills by interacting with the deaf. 

Since 2008, he is actively working as a social reformer and a trailblazer in the field of deaf empowerment. He pursued formal education in sign language to equip himself to work with the deaf. He has a Diploma in Indian Sign Language from MG University, Kottayam and B Level certificate in Indian Sign Language from Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disability. Currently, he is pursuing B.Ed in Special Education with specialisation in hearing impaired.

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