Sandhya Krishnan

TalentEase Life Coach

Sandhya is an ICF certified coach focusing on productivity, wellness and mindfulness. She has over 20 years of experience across industries as diverse as law, the media, art, technology, retail, and wellness.


Besides leading teams in various organizations, Sandhya has been an entrepreneur, corporate trainer with clients from pharma, hospitality and investment banking, a radio jockey, theatre actress, voiceover artist and writer.

She also has over 20 combined years of study of philosophy and mindfulness and uses these learnings to help professionals find deep purpose, drive, high productivity, contentment and balance in their careers. Sandhya works with young professionals and entrepreneurs across sectors and has helped individuals feel energised, focussed, less stressed and purpose oriented.

Sandhya has just written a book on everyday philosophy for thriving in the modern world and conducts talks and workshops on resilience, mindfulness and gimmick free wellness. She is a mother to two teenage boys, two dogs and two cats.

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