The Path to our Dreams

About The Workshop

Our workshops are action oriented with clear cut objectives for participants.

MentorSpace workshop on The path to our dreams is going to be a 3 hour long workshop spread over 2 sessions addressing the most important aspects in exploring and understanding yourself and working towards your success and happiness.

Who can enroll

Students of ages 14 and above

Workshop duration

3 hours over 2 sessions (90mins each session) sessions

Batch size

10 - 12 participants

Aarti Ahuja

Aarti is an enthusiastic, tenacious and multi-faceted facilitator, having around 2 decades of experience in various industries. She holds an MBA in Operations Management and B. Tech in Food Technology. She has contributed as a Quality manager and worked on various R and D projects in the food and restaurant industry. She has been imparting various soft skill training and running a formal curriculum in the hospitality industry. She is a consultant and advisor to various start-ups’ helps young adults to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Aarti is a passionate trainer with a commitment to help students realize their potential and her experience is facilitating young adults to find a niche for themselves. She is also a personal trainer and coach. She is a trained personal safety and sexuality trainer. She has reached 15,000+ children, adolescents and adults. She takes sessions to empower children to identify and report sexual abuse. She helps adults strengthen the relationship with children by equipping them to answer even the most awkward question children might ask. These healthy talks not only provide correct knowledge but also safeguards children from the abuses.

Key Takeaways

Navigate career choices by knowing yourself

Exploring the concept of Multiple intelligences

Understanding your personality types and value system

Developing strengths and skills vs. Fretting about weaknesses

Questioning self-doubt vs. valuing self

Honing intelligence and exploring potential vs. Aiming only at the highest academic score

Self-reflection>Self-awareness> Acceptance > Embracing sustainable life skills > Happiness and Contentment

How to make the most of this workshop

Come prepared – To have a great mentoring session, come prepared with the specific areas where you would require inputs.

Value the mentor and co-mentees’ time – Since this is a group mentoring session respect the time of mentor and other mentees; the same way you would expect your time to be respected.

Be open to feedback – The key objective of this mentoring session is a better YOU!

Take a follow on session – To transform yourself and reach your goals, multiple sessions might be required. If you feel this session was useful, try a more intense 1-on-1 session with the mentor.

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