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A sneak peek into India's first castle-themed adventure resort - The Hidden Castle


Check out our video and discover how your child or teenager can benefit from the TalentEase Advantage.

Let them START EARLY so they can FINISH AHEAD.

//www.youtube.com/embed/9O25qldcPqM?rel=0 https://www.youtube.com/embed/kj53we9EQps?rel=0

Programmes Offered

TalentEase Offers Various Courses

Open to children from Grades 3-12/PU
8 Session Course* 3hours Each
Either once a week over 8 weeks or over 8 holidays

Leadership Experience And Development
Open to children from Grades 3-12/PU
24 Session course*1.5 hours each
Over 24 weeks spread through the academic year

Open to Graduate and Post Graduate Students
Both 8 Session and 24 Session formats available
Either on continuous days or spread through the academic year

TalentEase Industry Ambassadors

with and for Folk from different walks of industry, education who are validating what TalentEase is doing Visit Page

Young Leader Workz


YoungLeaderWorkz is an online leadership community for parents, teachers, children and young adults. Brought to you by TalentEase who are committed to Creating Tomorrow's Leaders - TODAY! Visit Us

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