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Programs For Students And Young Adults

Life Skills for Children

for School Children - 7-17 years of age

Life Skills for Young Adults

for College Graduates and Freshers - 17-27 years of age

Teacher and School Leadership Programs

Our Teacher and School leadership programs are designed to help teachers discover their own leadership strengths and prompts them to play the role of leader-developers in their classrooms.

The program is executed as a series of intensive workshops for teachers to view their teaching as enabling leadership. It exposes teachers to the latest research in ‘change methodologies’, brain theory and future trends and world@work requirements so that they get more effective in preparing ‘future-ready’ students.

Teach Plus

  • Teacher Training
    • Workshops
    • Ongoing support
  • Teacher skill need assessment
  • Creating and supporting Teacher Champion Circles

Teach Consult

  • Teacher performance design and measurement
  • Teacher coaching
  • Teacher leadership development
The Teachers' workshop at the Staff Retreat on 20th April 2015 conducted by Mr. Leo Fernandez and his colleague Mr. Peter Ghooi was indeed an enlightening and enriching experience for all of us. The workshop created self-awareness and a road-map for the future... The workshop was educative, entertaining and thought-provoking. It reiterated the necessity for teachers to be proactive and positive, interactive and inspiring. Mr. Fernandez emphasized the importance of life-skills and how character is above mere personality. Thus the workshop made us understand the significance of a teacher's impact on a student's life: " A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"
Prof. Esther Prasana Kumar
Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bangalore

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