Careers at TalentEase

If you are looking for a meaningful and fulfilling career where you make money and meaning, look no further. Join us in our mission to deliver skills & values education to the young. If you would like to join as a Full Time or On Tap Facilitator at current or immediate term TalentEase locations please find out more here.

Full Time Facilitators

If you want more than just a typical job,
If you want to make money and make a difference,
If you want to combine your passion with your proficiencies,
TalentEase could be the place for you.

We believe leaders change the world. So we are focused on developing and training leaders. We believe that this work starts early so we work with school children and young adults at schools and colleges training them to build the skills and values for leadership. We have so far run over 1 million children impact sessions. We prepare them for success in their future careers and the opportunity to make a difference to their communities and work spaces.

We need people who are

  • Passionate about working with young people
  • Excellent communicators
  • Self driven and great team players
  • Creative and high energy
  • Committed to constant learning

If you are at University and interested please contact your Placement Coordinator to check when we have a placement briefing session at your college or email us at [email protected] with a one-minute video on why you think you would be the right fit for TalentEase; along with your resume.

On Tap Facilitators

TalentEase provides a unique opportunity for those with the passion and skills to develop young people as leaders. You may want the flexibility of not having a full time job and want to be involved with something impactful and meaningful. Working as a TalentEase Certified On Tap Facilitator will help make that happen.

If you believe you have what it takes please compile a short video on why you think you would be a great fit as a Certified TalentEase Facilitator and mail us at [email protected]. Also send us your resume highlighting your professional experience and qualifications. Please specify that you are applying for an On Tap role.

Video Gallery of Facilitators talking about why they love being a TalentEase Facilitator.

What do you need –

  • A passion and aptitude for working with children and young people; you are Enthusiastic and comfortable working with children
  • Any professional experience in learning and development – helpful but not absolutely necessary
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A cheerful and high energy personality- you smile easily and can make others smile; your energy rarely flags; engaging in the learning process feeds your energy
  • Role Models of our content – you live our skills and values
  • The skill to handle a classroom of young people to achieve high engagement and high learning
  • The willingness and discipline to learn and follow the TalentEase process
  • High standards of excellence
  • Personal punctuality, grooming and neatness

Facilitator Testimonials

Hear why Ms Priya loves TalentEase partner program

“TalentEase Facilitator Partner Program has empowered me with the complete toolset to deliver proven skills and values content. The content is comprehensive with detailed guides for implementing it and students & their parents just love it as they can see clear impact of the program! If you are looking for a program which helps you earn with a purpose, look no further.”

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