Is today’s schooling getting our children really ‘Future-Ready’?

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We have had a few wake up calls in recent times on education in India – the PISA report placing India 73 out of 74 countries in tests of application and understanding in reading, writing etc, the WIPRO report finding children in top schools across India ill-equipped on general knowledge and from industry the problem of the ‘educated but unemployable’.

This is something that concerns you as industry leaders, educators, professionals, parents. Today’s children will be the talent of tomorrow for the organizations and enterprises you are part of. The purpose of this brief survey is to understand whether today’s schooling in India is gearing our children to be really ‘future ready’.

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Now what?
If you are a teacher, educator, school leader or working in the world of education please use this link ( For folk from the world of education )

If you are a professional, industry executive, entrepreneur, human resources or talent expert – essentially from the world at work use this link ( For folk from the world at work )

If you would prefer to contribute your inputs in your role as a parent use this link ( for those wanting to provide inputs primarily as a parent )

All the surveys have no more than 10 questions and will not take longer than 10 minutes.

Please click on the relevant link, take the survey and do forward this message to friends and contacts who could also take the survey and give us their views.

Thank you so much for your time and the benefit of your inputs.


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