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Become a High Impact Public Speaker

About The Program

Scenario 1

You are at a party and bragging about your child’s skill at mimicking famous personalities. You call your son to show your friends how well he performs. He is overly shy, blushes and runs away. 

Scenario 2 

Your daughter is thorough with her dialogues for the skit. On the day of her performance, she just goes blank seeing the audience and stands frozen on the stage. 

Scenario 3

Your daughter excels in her studies and performs well in sports and cultural programmes. But she is not in any leadership position in her school because she shies away from speaking in front of the class or school.  

Do these situations ring a bell?

These situations could translate into different scenarios tomorrow

As a Project Manager can she give a presentation in front of her client or does she freeze up?

As the CEO of her start-up is she able to make a confident pitch to her investors or does her nervousness make her fumble?

As a doctor does he make the presentation to his peers well or does his fear of public speaking prevent his obvious talent from shining forth?

Whatever career your child chooses – the ability to speak and present in public is not just a HUGE ADVANTAGE but an absolutely NECESSARY SKILL.

The fear of speaking in public is called GLOSSOPHOBIA

It is the fear that is greater than the fear of death – the fear of public speaking. 3 out of 4 people suffer anxiety, stress and near-panic at the thought of having to speak in public. But being able to speak in public is a critical skill for success in almost any career.

All the great speakers were bad speakers at first 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful and famous among their peer group? 

The obvious answer would be their gift of the gab. They are good at communicating their thoughts, articulating their ideas, and presenting them in an interesting way that grabs the attention of everyone.  

Speaking grammatically correct language does not make a person a great public speaker. There is more to it.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

The best time to start facing this fear and building this skill is early.

TalentEase brings you HeadStart- Speak Out – the Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Certificate Course for children and young adults.

Let your child build this CRITICAL skill NOW 

What’s covered

  • Importance of Public Speaking in different professional and personal contexts
  • Prepared and Impromptu speeches
  • Knowing your audience
  • Preparation
  • Practice (feedback sessions on video recorded practice and live talks)
  • Structuring your talk
  • Techniques for a powerful introduction
  • Generating content – Techniques and questions
  • The memorable close – proven strategies
  • Becoming a powerful speaker – confidence and delivery
  • Developing Presence – Leveraging Body Language
  • Communicating with Expressiveness

Session breakdown: 

The TalentEase Advantage!

  • Byte-sized learning – Learning spread across ten 60-minute sessions.
  • Expert Panel – Designed and delivered by seasoned industry professionals, curated content and resources
  • Student Centric – Focused and specific inputs for individual development
  • Learning Studio – Robust pedagogy with practice and review for real learning
  • Proven Model – Outstanding program feedback from thousands of students
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion

₹400 per session

(₹ 400 per session)

3,999.00 GST extra

for 10 sessions

Who can enroll

Age 8 to 11 and 12 to 17

No. of sessions

10 sessions

Course duration

10 hours

Batch size

Up to 12

TalentEase Certified Facilitator

This live course is brought to you by a TalentEase Certified Facilitator. Our certified facilitators undergo a comprehensive training program and each has since delivered 500+ sessions for 5000+ students.

Every facilitator follows a proven, structured delivery model designed by TalentEase, that ensures a fun, engaging and enriching experience for every child.

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