Fr Biju L Moolakaara

Biju L Moolakkara

Mentor Counsellor

Fr Biju has over 10 years of experience in counselling for the hearing and the deaf.


  • He has earned his bachelor’s degree in English from St. Joseph’s College, Trichy and Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Theology from JDV in Pune and then did his M.Sc in Psychology from the University of Madras. Later did MBA from Kerala University.
  • He also did a Certificate course in Counselling and Diploma in Indian Sign Language from MG University, Kottayam and B Level Certificate in Indian Sign Language from Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of speech and hearing disabilities. Currently, he is pursuing B.Ed in special education with a specialisation in hearing impaired.
  • Fr Biju is the director of Navadhvani, the Holy Cross Ministry for the Deaf in Kerala. He is a social reformer and trail-blazer in the field of deaf empowerment since 2008.

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