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Jalaja Hariprasad

TalentEase Life Coach

Jalaja Hariprasad is a Leadership Coach, PCC (Professional Credentialed Coach) from ICF (International Coach Federation) with close to Three decades of exposure into People development challenges. She is also accredited on BELBIN team role, a behavioural assessment tool, helping students/youth to prepare on their next stage of education/career, discover themselves.
Her academic qualifications include an MBA and an MA in Economics.


  • Certified Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Accredited in Global Leader of the Future (GLOF), a Leadership Assessment from Marshall Goldsmith
  • Certified BELBIN Facilitator.
  • Certified as Core Skills Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence (CIQ)
  • Deep knowledge of behavioural frameworks like Grid

She managed an Executive Search and Talent Acquisition company for nearly 20 years. Her Corporate work experience before Influx is at Tata BP Solar, HCL Ltd, BPL Telecom. She is the Founder of INFLUX CONSULTING, a Bangalore based consulting organisation.

Her work involves Coaching Business Owners and Senior Key decision-makers to help scale up and make the transition. She believes in the complete transformation of the people being coached to a higher level of visible culture change across organisation and teams.

The Belbin Assessment for students

The Belbin assessment tool for students has a solid research-backed foundation in giving students insights into themselves that helps them identify strengths and provide them the inputs to not only make better decisions as a student but prepares them for a successful career in the World@Work.

It has given individuals and teams benefits in hiring, training, coaching, change management, leadership development, conflict resolution, decision making…to name a few.
It gives them the self-awareness to make better study and extra-curricular choices today and better work choices tomorrow.

Also with its unique ‘allowable weakness’ view, the Belbin assessment helps students get an honest look at areas that could hold them back in specific situations or scenarios and how that awareness can guide them to better decisions.

The assessment is administered through a questionnaire filled both by the student as well as their selected observers. The report gives the mentor and the student an excellent way to have a focused conversation that gives the student the tools that will accelerate his/her success and lead to more fulfilling choices.

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