Priyanka A Coach

Priyanka Arora

TalentEase Life Coach

Priyanka has explored Life Coaching, by undertaking an enriching journey with Coach For Life Institute, USA. Completed ACTP as part of the coach training From Coach for life (USA). Also trained as a Deep Intensive Coach from Centre for Transformational Coaching. Life & Deep Transformational Coach


She is a professionally certified life coach and trainer. She helps people reconnect with their innermost, authentic selves and develop a balance between the mind, body and soul. She believes that a meaningful life is a result of a parallel path of material fulfillment and spiritual connection. This path requires a gentle hand-holder and a partner.

Actively involved with NGOs dealing with education and the youth

Strong leadership and interpersonal skills gained from hands-on work experience.

She is a successful professional with over 20 years of an illustrious career in leaning industry where she has mentored a wide spectrum of people. This highly interactive career experiences gave way to the discovery of her true calling. She is now immersed into practicing her role as a life coach where she guides people towards a more meaningful life journey.

Priyanka’s sessions are popular thanks to her brilliant energy and deep sense of empathy. She believes in the maxim that “we do not have strengths and weaknesses.

We have strengths and strengths that are yet to be discovered”.