Shashi Muddappa

TalentEase Life Coach

Gokuldas Exports – General Manager Boom Club (USA) – Country Manager India
Asprey- Country Manager India
Shoonya Space (Current), Centre for Performing Arts and Sematic Practices – General Manager.
She is a Certified NLP practitioner.


Shashi Muddappa is a highly proficient trainer who brings around 27 years of work experience in various industries. She has travelled widely across the globe and has an excellent understanding of issues related to cultural sensitivity, communication and gender diversity.

Her longest stint was in the garment industry, where she was the functional head and had extensive experience in handling people issues and development programs for in-house employees. Shashi has been associated with Laureate Global for more than a year and has been training in areas like communication skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, business etiquette, women mentoring, leadership coaching. She is also certified in NLP.

Her forte lies in a deep understanding of human psychology and behavioural aspects of people. She is a keen observer of people and situations and very skilfully brings that strength alive in her communication and presentation programs.

Shashi brings in tremendous expertise and knowledge of industry sectors and has conducted extensive people skill programs for participants from IT, Consulting, Financial, Education and allied sectors.

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