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Choose your Academic stream right where your Passion and Skills unite- Get Industry Mentors to guide you to your Sweet Spot!

About The Workshop

Our workshops are action oriented with clear cut objectives for participants.

MentorSpace workshop on Choose your Academic stream right where passion and skills unite – Get a Life Coach to guide you to your sweet spot is going to be a 2 hour long workshop spread over 2 sessions addressing the most important aspects to identify your strengths and passion to help you pick the right academic stream.

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Who can enroll

School Students: 8th to 12th Grade

Workshop duration

2 hours over 2 sessions sessions

Batch size

4 participants

Jennifer Pinto

Jennifer Pinto is a Corporate Trainer, Counsellor and Wellness Coach. Her experience of 15 years spans the airline industry, as well as HR roles in the IT industry. She has worked with organizations such as Gulf Air (Bahrain), ALICO (Dubai), IBM (India) and has been a consultant to EY and KPMG. She consults on Communication, Personal Effectiveness and Wellness. Growing up and beginning her career in the Middle East, her work has allowed her to travel widely, interact with people of many countries enriching her experiences in the area of communication, professional etiquette and cultural intelligence. Jennifer also conducts workshops for school and college students in the areas of personal and career development. In addition, she has a successful counselling practice. She is Director, Turning Point Consultants, a leadership training and development consultancy.

Key Takeaways

Session 1

  • Understanding your Strengths and Interests.
  • Taking the assessment

Session 2

  • Debrief and finding your sweet spot

How to make the most of this workshop

Come prepared – To have a great mentoring session, come prepared with the specific areas where you would require inputs.

Value the mentor and co-mentees’ time – Since this is a group mentoring session respect the time of mentor and other mentees; the same way you would expect your time to be respected.

Be open to feedback – The key objective of this mentoring session is a better YOU!

Take a follow on session – To transform yourself and reach your goals, multiple sessions might be required. If you feel this session was useful, try a more intense 1-on-1 session with the mentor.

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